The Basketball Friends: Kerr Responds, League Pass Worst, Pettiest Players

Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholemew welcome in Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob


Knicks Misery

Drafting Euros
Steve Kerr Fires Back
Rockets v Timberwolves
Wolves down the stretch
Worst of League Pass
Magic are terrible
Lance Stephenson GIF Hero
Rockets potential
Harden’s playoff problems
Hawks Game Ops Conspiracy
Animal Hunger Games
Deadly Animal Hypotheticals
KG Jersey Retired in Boston?
All Star Game Predictions
Pettiest NBA Players

The Basketball Friends: I don’t see him

Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray and Rafe Bartholemew

00:00- Dentists and Whip-Its

06:00- Giannis is an alien

19:00- Porzingis torn ACL

25:00- Cavs debacle

37:40- Warriors v Thunder

49:15- Trade Deadline

58:00- John Wall

1:02:30- Witness Protection Guest of the week

BOMM: Last Night’s Cultural Appropriation

Amin Elhassan, BLK Tray, John Jervay, Justin Tinsley and Naima.

00:30- Introl

02:00- Jerv’s celebration

03:20- Wos’s DNP-Birthday

09:30- Eagles / Philly

15:30- Hat Phishing

19:00-Channing Frye’s hair/Cutting your own hair

22:30- Amin’s Bigen?

24:10- When to Brush your teeth

31:00- MLK Dodge Ad

36:25- Weird Sports Rituals

41:00- Tray’s ever-changing hair color

47:10- Timberlake’s Creasing

48:55- Timberlake’s Disrespectful Halftime Performance

01:02:05- Custom JT Jordan’s

01:03:50- Man of the woods

01:07:00- Blacture / Pras

01:13:30- Black Panther

01:33:30- Voicemails

The Basketball Friends: Best of

The Best of ‘The Basketball Friends’ and other ‘Leverage the Chat’ shows.

Produced by: Brandon Holveck

1. Hickeys TBF 1/2
2. Jade’s ALS Pepper Challenge TBF 1/5
3. Jade Tries to Understand Black Culture BOMM 1/22
4. Fucking Ready TBF 1/26
5. Dangle the Carrot TBF 1/26
6. Dating Rihanna Wos Speaks 1/3
7. OJ Simpson BOMM 1/8
8. David Griffin on Kyrie TBF 1/3
9. Levels of LeBron TBF 1/23
10. Filet-o-Fish/Answering Machine TBF 1/5
11. Is the Guest White or Black? TBF 1/12
12. Bossanova Pod TBF 1/5
13. Australian Girls BOMM 1/15
14. Zach is a hot head Talk Hoops 1/3
15. Ski Mask BOMM 1/8
16. Big Baltic Brand TBF 1/3
17. The Answer Wos Speaks 1/19
18. Joel Embiid & Rihanna Talk Hoops 1/19
19. Dentist Sucker TBF 1/23
20. Juggling Work/Life TBF 1/26
21. Marv’s Underwear Sordid History 1/1
22. Sucking Shaq’s Dick Wos Speaks 1/26
23. Browse/Henny TBF 1/17
24. Karl Malone TBF 1/5
25. Monta Money Light Years 1/17
26. Parental Interference TBF 1/10
27. Worst Curves BOMM 1/15
28. Hot Sauce Hoax TBF 1/30
29. This League is the Best Talk Hoops 1/16
30. Scuffed Shoes TBF 1/19
31. Waffle House/Bo Leaves BOMM 1/8
32. Tom’s Worst Interview TBF 1/9
33. Good Year for Jordan Nice Kicks 1/5
34. Mans Molm Crashes the Show TBF 1/12
35. Outside the Comfort Zone BOMM 1/29
36. Answering Machine 2 TBF 1/5
37. Moving LeBron TBF 1/18
38. Lost Love Chase Down 1/31
39. Gwyneth Paltrow TBF 1/19
40. Jade Ate Peppers to Impress Girls TBF 1/17
41. DeAndre Head/Teeth Story TBF 1/5
42. Monta Monday Montage BOMM
43. Anthony Canton Poem TBF 1/5

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Pack Your Knives: The Risotto Curse Returns

Kevin and Tom recap the Super Bowl episode, mourn Team Kevin and geek out about Top Chef myths with Lynn from the essential TopChefStats.com

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Nice Kicks: Ep 14: Super Bowl | Best Dad Shoes | Mailbag

Blk Tray, Matt Halfhill, Nick DePaula & Jade discuss what to watch for at the Super Bowl, Jordan’s All-Star Weekend Lineup, Supreme’s team logo-heavy Air Force 1 Mid and of course, the NK Mailbag.

Light Years: Episode 39

Andy Liu and Saam Esfandiari bandy around topics that include parking logistics at the Chase Center, Celtics and Warriors rivalry, Lavar v Kerr, why the Pelicans don’t deserve AD, and LeBron James as a Clipper or Laker

The Basketball Friends: LeBron-Dubs, Fake News, What It Means

Tom Haberstroh, Tim Bontemps and Sports Illustrated’s Rob Mahoney.


01:00- ALS Pepper Challenge

03:20- Tim’s Mic check

06:30- Intro

07:20- Rasual Butler

10:45- Future Warrior, Lebron James

13:00- Lebron puts pressure on the Cavs

Drama vs Cavs falling apart

17:00- Lebron landing spots?

27:00- Cav’s trading the Nets pick

29:00- How to rank players and problems with doing it

36:00- Salty players and how quickly rankings can change

40:00- 2011 Mavs and Rob’s book ‘Mavericks-Stampede’

46:30- Brook Lopez

48:30- Buyout/ Shutdown candidates

50:00- Greg Monroe/Pelicans

54:10- Blake’s debut

01:00:00- Go Buy a Basketball Friend Shirt, but actually go buy the Hoodie(https://cottonbureau.com/products/basketball-friend?utm_medium=email&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=designer-product-status)

01:01:30- Niko Mirotic to the Pellies

The Basketball Friends: A Dumpster Fire, Love and a Beard

Zach Harper, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholomew and Seerat Sohi.

Rundown and time stamps to come…

Kevin Love
Cavs dumpster fire keeps burning
Leaks abound
Clippers tank Job
James Harden’s amazing night
The strange Magic
Raptors chances
Nico Trade Bust
Aziz Ansari

The Chase Down: Now That We Lost Love What Are We Going To Do

Justin Rowan is joined by Ryan Mourton to discuss Kevin Love breaking his hand, Dan Gilbert’s meddling, Isaiah Thomas’ fit and what our hopes are for the trade deadline. ​

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