The Basketball Friends: Q&A with Coach David Thorpe

It’s the Thorpedo Thursday podcast with Coach David Thorpe who answers listener questions by way of Twitter, Facebook and the TBF Hotline.

Pack Your Knives: Return of the Curse

Tom and Kevin break down Episode 10 of Top Chef with the help of special guest and father of Baby Jude, Bruce Kalman. Kalman goes behind-the-scenes to explain why he went on Top Chef and why he ate candy bars out of a baby diaper.

Light Years: Ep 41

Andy Liu and Saam Esfandiari are joined by CSN Warriors Outsider’s Drew Shiller and Grant Liffman to talk about how they made it on TV, best player-coach on the Warriors, Drew’s defense against Klay Thompson in college, are the Cavs going to be one of the worst teams to make it to the NBA Finals in recent history?, Grant’s whiskey preference, and who will get traded in the offseason..

The Basketball Friends: Kerr Responds, League Pass Worst, Pettiest Players

Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholemew welcome in Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob


Knicks Misery

Drafting Euros
Steve Kerr Fires Back
Rockets v Timberwolves
Wolves down the stretch
Worst of League Pass
Magic are terrible
Lance Stephenson GIF Hero
Rockets potential
Harden’s playoff problems
Hawks Game Ops Conspiracy
Animal Hunger Games
Deadly Animal Hypotheticals
KG Jersey Retired in Boston?
All Star Game Predictions
Pettiest NBA Players

The Basketball Friends: This Site Can’t Be Reached

Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Jade and Anthony Mayes

Disrespectful Warriors calling their own plays now?

Too many games in the NBA season

New look Cavs

Isaiah Thomas / roles / new roles

Tank watch

TJ McConnell


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The Chase Down: New-look Cavs flatten the Celtics World

Justin Rowan and Carter Rodriguez react to the Cavaliers dominant win against the Boston Celtics and discuss how the re-made roster looked on Sunday and moving forward.

Talk Hoops: Snark Hoops Monday

Angie Treasure joins the Monday episode to discuss the Utah Jazz’s nine-game winning streak, the Winter Olympics, and answer your #SnarkHoops questions from Twitter.

BOMM: Very Superior Old Pale

Amin Elhassan, BLK Tray, BOG Wos, Mariano Bivins, John Jervay and special guest Jabari Young

0:00 Eagles Celebrate

5:00 Jarbari’s Cowboys love conflicts with his Philly roots

7:30 Going bald / chemicals in McDonalds fries helps hair growth

13:00 Different Cognacs and their weird names

19:00 Quincy Jones speaks

24:00 Mari Reviews ‘All Eyez On Me’

27:00 What Charlie Murphy meant when he said Rick James acted Hard R’ish

31:00 Boston Police Department honors white guy in honor of black history

38:00 Boston vs Philly

50:00 Jabari doesn’t understand the group chat

1:00:00 Sosa getting lighter and lighter

1:10:00 Olympics sports

1:12:00 Man gives kidney woman turns his marriage proposal down

1:17:00 TI’s clown outfit

1:20:00 Code switching

1:32:00 All Star Game dating Etiquette

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The Basketball Friends: Trade Deadline pt 2.

David Thorpe, Tom Haberstroh and Tim Bontemps break down one of the craziest trade deadline days in recent history.

Wos Speaks: Ep 18: New Drake | Complex Best Rappers

Mari and Wos discuss Drake’s “Scary Hours” EP. Drake’s seeming ability to stop time with every single release. Mari and Wos also go full #Owlboys and breakdown their favorite lines from Diplomatic Immunity. Finally the show welcomes first time guest DJ J-Logic to dissect Complex’s list of best rappers from 1979 to 2017

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