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Kevin Arnovitz

Tom Haberstroh



A weekly Top Chef recap podcast hosted by NBA writers Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh that will break down Season 15 as it happens on BravoTV. Arnovitz and Haberstroh will bring their die-hard fanaticism of the hit TV show and combine it with their NBA analytical instincts to draft “fantasy” teams from Season 15, interview former Top Chef contestants and yap about America’s food/restaurant trends. Follow along weekly as the top cooking competition meets top-shelf analysis.

Pack Your Knives: Return of the Curse

Tom and Kevin break down Episode 10 of Top Chef with the help of special guest and father of Baby Jude, Bruce Kalman. Kalman goes behind-the-scenes to explain why he went on Top Chef and why he ate candy bars out of a baby diaper.

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Pack Your Knives: The Risotto Curse Returns

Kevin and Tom recap the Super Bowl episode, mourn Team Kevin and geek out about Top Chef myths with Lynn from the essential Subscribe for more:

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Pack Your Knives: Bye-Bye Bear, Hello Blais!

Kevin and Tom recap a shocking Episode 4 of Top Chef and talk to special guest Richard Blais of Top Chef fame and the Starving For Attention podcast about possibly starting a Top Chef camp and other behind-the-scenes topics too fire for TV. Special thanks to our sponsor DRAFT,...

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Pack Your Knives – Special Guest – Top Chef’s Tyler Anderson

Top Chef contestant Tyler Anderson joins Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh on the pod, taking us behind the scenes at Top Chef and breaking down the food truck episode with details you can’t get anywhere else. Special thanks to both our sponsors DRAFT and Seat Geek. Support our show by...

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Pack Your Knives: The Draft Results

The teams are set. On last week’s episode of Pack Your Knives podcast (listen here!), Tom and Kevin held the inaugural Pack Your Knives draft of Top Chef contestants. It was glorious. Through a very sophisticated process, Tom won rocks paper scissors over email and got the first pick....

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Pack Your Knives – The Draft

Kevin and Tom draft their fantasy teams and dive into the Season 15 premiere. Who went No. 1? And should you help a fellow Top Chef if it isn’t team play? Is this season too nice? Special thanks to our sponsor DRAFT, to support the show use our promo...

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Welcome to Pack Your Knives

NBA writers Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh profess their love for Top Chef, name their favorite seasons and preview Season 15’s contestants with analytics and scouting. Twitter: Subscribe for more:

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