Sordid History

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Jake Christie


The podcast about the illicit and embarrassing moments in the lives of notable people.

Sordid History: Nick Carter Represents Florida (with Angie Treasure)

Utah Jazz social media manager and delightful person Angie Treasure joins the pod to talk about the transgressions of previous boy band heartthrob Nick Carter, specifically how he sexually assaulted two women in the 2000s. Discussion quickly veers into the seediness of Key West, geography of Utah, and the...

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Sordid History: Jason Kidd Gets in Foul Trouble​​ (with Justin Rowan)”

Host of The Chase Down podcast on the Leverage the Chat network Justin Rowan and I read accounts of Jason Kidd’s awful behavior towards his wife and those around him during his playing career. Not only is there a domestic abuse arrest that is oft-forgotten, but some great stories...

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Sordid History: The ShamWow Guy Falls from Grace

My twin brother Michael re-joins the show to talk about Vince Offer (AKA Offer Shlomi AKA The ShamWow Guy) and how he made himself a two-pitch wonder. We discuss his infamous rendezvous with a South Beach prostitute that ended with a bitten tongue and an assault charge, as well...

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Sordid History: Marv Albert Bites

Television writer Hunter Covington joins the show to talk about Marv Albert’s shocking sex scandal of the 1990’s and how incredible it is that we’ve all forgotten. Much like Albert, this conversation goes places it probably shouldn’t go. Special thanks to our sponsor DRAFT, support the show by using promo code: SORDID...

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Sordid History: This week – Justin Bieber

The Basketball Friends contributor Anthony Mayes joins the podcast, along with my old high school friend and ex-super-Belieber Allison Leonard, to discuss Justin Bieber’s descent from lovable teen idol into the bad boy he is today. How many paparazzi did he assault? What nations is he banned from? How...

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Sordid History – Marilyn Manson Assaults the Senses… and People

Older brother of mine Kevin Christie and his good friend Tyler Chatham join the podcast to recount the violent outbursts, uncalled for sexual gestures, and tone-deaf statements made by “shock rocker” Marilyn Manson. Did he buy Nazi memorabilia off of the black market, and is that the LEAST shocking...

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Sordid History – Kevin Spacey Preys on Teens (with Big Wos)

The Haitian Sensation Big Wos joins the pod to talk about the various stories of Kevin Spacey being a complete and total predator. We go over the headlines and delve into some firsthand accounts from the Internet. Spacey’s brazenness will most certainly shock you. Special thanks to our sponsor Draft, support...

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Sordid History – R. Kelly Continues to Cook (with Delmonte Bent)

Delmonte Bent is back for his third time to discuss the somewhat known salacious past and present of R&B legend R. Kelly. We follow his career arc of sexually assaulting teenage girls from 1995 to 2017, and trust us, it doesn’t get any better. We discuss the moral quandaries...

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Sordid History – Martin Lawrence Behaves Erratically

Fellow Leverage The Chat podcaster Mariano joins the show to talk about a 90’s sitcom star near and dear to his heart: Martin Lawrence. We discuss his various “dehydration” related outbursts as well as his alleged workplace sexual harassment. Also, don’t miss where we read his improvised monologue that...

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Sordid History – Jerry Seinfeld Makes a Teen Choice

This week, we discuss how Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17 year-old girl while a 39 year-old sitcom star. Guest Courtney Perkins and I recount their courtship and barber and former Seinfeld PA Kevin Lyons joins the show to tell some inside stories about Jerry’s teen girlfriend on the set...

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