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Blk Tray

Big Wos

Zack Harper

Jade Hoye

Tom Haberstroh


The Basketball Friends are back. A show that may or may not be about the game of basketball.

The Basketball Friends: Q&A with Coach David Thorpe

It’s the Thorpedo Thursday podcast with Coach David Thorpe who answers listener questions by way of Twitter, Facebook and the TBF Hotline.

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The Basketball Friends: Kerr Responds, League Pass Worst, Pettiest Players

Zach Harper, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholemew welcome in Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob Topics: Knicks Misery Doncic Drafting Euros Noah Steve Kerr Fires Back Rockets v Timberwolves Wolves down the stretch Worst of League Pass Magic are terrible Lance Stephenson GIF Hero Rockets potential Harden’s playoff problems Hawks Game...

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The Basketball Friends: This Site Can’t Be Reached

Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Jade and Anthony Mayes Disrespectful Warriors calling their own plays now? Too many games in the NBA season New look Cavs Isaiah Thomas / roles / new roles Tank watch TJ McConnell Voicemails Subscribe for more:

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The Basketball Friends: Trade Deadline pt 2.

David Thorpe, Tom Haberstroh and Tim Bontemps break down one of the craziest trade deadline days in recent history.

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The Basketball Friends: Trade Deadlines

Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray, Seerat Sohi, Justin Rowan, BIG Wos, Mariano Bivins, Jade, Zach Harper, Anthony Mayes Rundown to come… Cavs blow it up…

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The Basketball Friends: I don’t see him

Zach Harper, BIG Wos, Tom Haberstroh, BLK Tray and Rafe Bartholemew 00:00- Dentists and Whip-Its 06:00- Giannis is an alien 19:00- Porzingis torn ACL 25:00- Cavs debacle 37:40- Warriors v Thunder 49:15- Trade Deadline 58:00- John Wall 1:02:30- Witness Protection Guest of the week

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The Basketball Friends: Best of

The Best of ‘The Basketball Friends’ and other ‘Leverage the Chat’ shows. Produced by: Brandon Holveck 1. Hickeys TBF 1/2 2. Jade’s ALS Pepper Challenge TBF 1/5 3. Jade Tries to Understand Black Culture BOMM 1/22 4. Fucking Ready TBF 1/26 5. Dangle the Carrot TBF 1/26 6. Dating...

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The Basketball Friends: The Friday Mailbag: Need to Talk Immediately

Zach Harper, Jade, BLK Tray, Tom Haberstroh, BIG Wos, Eden Liu, Angie Treasure, Mama Hoye and Anthony Mayes answer listener questions by Twitter. Special guest: Shane Cullen, Jonathan Forestier, Omar Spahi and Mans Malm.

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The Basketball Friends: LeBron-Dubs, Fake News, What It Means

Tom Haberstroh, Tim Bontemps and Sports Illustrated’s Rob Mahoney. Topics 01:00- ALS Pepper Challenge 03:20- Tim’s Mic check 06:30- Intro 07:20- Rasual Butler 10:45- Future Warrior, Lebron James 13:00- Lebron puts pressure on the Cavs Drama vs Cavs falling apart 17:00- Lebron landing spots? 27:00- Cav’s trading the Nets...

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The Basketball Friends: A Dumpster Fire, Love and a Beard

Zach Harper, BIG Wos, BLK Tray, Rafe Bartholomew and Seerat Sohi. Rundown and time stamps to come… Kevin Love Cavs dumpster fire keeps burning Leaks abound Clippers tank Job James Harden’s amazing night The strange Magic Pistons Raptors chances Nico Trade Bust Voicemails Aziz Ansari

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