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Wos Speaks is a conversation at the cross section of both community and culture. Each episode features pointed commentary on both the future and present of both a while providing insight on how each are shaping each other.

Wos Speaks: Ep 18: New Drake | Complex Best Rappers

Mari and Wos discuss Drake’s “Scary Hours” EP. Drake’s seeming ability to stop time with every single release. Mari and Wos also go full #Owlboys and breakdown their favorite lines from Diplomatic Immunity. Finally the show welcomes first time guest DJ J-Logic to dissect Complex’s list of best rappers...

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Wos Speaks: #MeToo Has Evolved

Angie Treasure joins Wos. The Backlash to the backlash to the backlash of #MeToo. The importance of talking about “bad sex”. Why women so often get sex wrong. How we help women find their voice in the bedroom and Much, much more. Special thanks to our sponsor Mack Weldon...

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Wos Speaks: Blue Check Outrage | Chapelle | Binary Politic

“Ethan and Wos tackle ‘Blue Check Outrage’ over Chapelle’s newest comedy special. The conflicts of being both a public intellectual and a comedian. The insanity of “Binary Politic”, and much much more “ 00:30- Intro 03:30- Gym Wedgies and naked runs 05:00- Mack Weldon (Promo Code: Wos) 06:50- Chappelle...

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Wos Speaks: Disappointments | New Releases | Drake Nerd Out

Mariano Bivins makes his first appearance, talking about Fab/Jada/Big Sean disappointments, New Nipsey Hustle, New releases on the way from Drake and J. Cole, respectively. And a topic that super specific to the career of The Boy. Intro – Back from the holiday 2:15 – Combat Jack rememberence 5:15...

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Wos Speaks // feat. ESPN’s Mike Ryan // Best of 2017

Mike Ryan joins Wos and Jade to talk about producing ESPN’s Dan LeBatard Radio show. Wos and Mike’s favorite TV shows and music of 2017. Happy New Year! Twitter: https://twitter.com/wosspeaks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WosSpeaks Subscribe for more: http://apple.co/2xPJPPB

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Wos Speaks – Living with the Enemy (DriftGlass)

Wos and DriftGlass discuss his early work in the public sector back in Chicago, what its like to live amongst the enemy (GOP Voters) out in the sticks, the problems with centrist/mainstream media coverage of our current politics, the Alabama Senate race, the genius that is MR ROBOT, and...

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Wos Speaks – Beverly Gooden #WhyIStayed

Wos welcomes in Beverly Gooden, social advocate known for her work on relationship dynamics and the creator of the Twitter movement #WhyIStayed. http://www.beverlygooden.com/ @bevtgooden 0:30- Intro and Episode Precap 03:00- How Wos and Bev know each other 04:20- SeatGeek Read (promo code: WOS) 06:00- How #WhyIStayed started 08:10- Domestic...

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Wos Speaks – Flynn | Miguel | Conscious Rap

Flynn’s plea deal. Implications. Miguel’s triumphant return, and the Problem With Woke/Conscious Rap. Special thanks to our sponsor SeatGeek, to support the show use my promo code: WOS Twitter: https://twitter.com/wosspeaks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WosSpeaks/ Subscribe for more: http://apple.co/2xPJPPB

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Wos Speaks Special Edition – Conspiracies with Ole Dammegård

Back and to the Left:  Jade welcomes in Ole Dammegård to talk about the JFK assassination, Jim Garrison, the Moon landing, 9/11 and much more.     Twitter: @lightonconspira More on Ole – https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/about-ole/biography/ Subscribe for more: http://apple.co/2xPJPPB    

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Wos Speaks – Robot | SMILF | She’s Gotta have It

Wos recounts the last two episodes of Mr. Robot. He re-examines the Showtime show SMILF. Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” is on the watch list this week, and finally, a look at the the upcoming film Mary Magdalene.   Special thanks to our sponsors SeatGeek, support the show by using...

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